Professional Readings
The CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal Visual Literacy Activities Encouraging children to look more closely and critically at illustrations
Close Reading + Visual Literacy = Pathways for Understanding How to support students in using their visual comprehension skills
Engaging Students with Primary Sources guide from the Smithsonian. Includes links and suggested activities
Evaluating Images from University of California at Irvine. Questions to ask when evaluating a digital image
Gallery Walk Teaching Strategy "students explore multiple texts or images that are placed around the room. Teachers often use this strategy as a way to have students share their work with peers, examine multiple historical documents, or respond to a collection of quotations."
Layers of Meaning: American Gothic A comparison of the iconic Grant Wood painting with its first parody, a photograph by Gordon Parks
Life on the Screen: Visual Literacy in Education "The visionary filmmaker [George Lucas] argues that students must learn a new language of image and sound in order to succeed."
Looking and Telling: Take a Good Look A format for looking at, and talking about, photographs from the Oakland Museum of California
Media Literacy: Analyzing Visual Images from Facing History and Ourselves. Steps to help students interpret various media.
New York Public Library Digital Gallery
Notes on The Gaze Daniel Chandler. "'Gaze' is a term used by media theorists to refer to both the ways in which viewers look at images of people in any visual medium and to the gaze of those depicted in visual texts." Chandler's notes explore this concept.
A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods Hover over each "element" for a graphic representation
Pinerest boards on Visual Literacy
Primary Sources on the Web selected by Houghton Mifflin Social Studies Center
Project Look Sharp A media literacy initiative of Ithaca College
Teaching With Primary Sources: Visual Literacy Exercise From the Library of Congress
Using Primary Sources Teacher Guide from the Library of Congress
Visual Literacy Chapter 3 of ISTE's "Media Literacy in the K-12 Classroom"
Visual Literacy Toolbox: Learning to Read Images College of Arts and Humanities, University of Maryland
Visual Literacy White Paper from Adobe. Includes lesson suggestions and leading questions
Visual Literacy Symbaloo by Diane Cordell

Activities to Use with Students
British Museum/BBC: A History of the World in 100 Objects Learn about world culture through primary source artifacts
Clean Up Your Mess: A Guide to Visual Design for Everyone Practical tools and examples of good design elements
Framing activity: American Gothic The iconic Grant Wood painting viewed next to Gordon Parks' photographic interpretation
George Washington's Portrait Using a special "spyglass" tool, students examine a portrait of our first president
Healthy Body Image: A Lesson Plan for High School Students Discussion guides and *questionnaires from Purdue University
Image Detective Students examine primary source photographs, pose a question, gather clues, get background information, then draw a conclusion. One of the activities on the Picturing Modern America site.
The Literacy Shed The Image Shed page contains "images to inspire writing"
Picturing America National Endowment for the Humanities. Teaching American History using art
Picturing Modern America Historical Thinking Exercises for Middle and High School Students.
What's Going On In This Picture? NY Times images and discussion prompts to use with students
What's in a Picture? An Introduction to Subject in the Visual Arts National Endowment for the Humanities lesson activities using famous paintings
Samuel Bak Painting: Sanctuary Image for analysis with podcast commentary. The Warsaw Ghetto, the Nazis, and One Small Boy is the photo referenced by Professor Langer.

Picture of the Day Sites
Astronomy Picture of the Day NASA
Earth Science Picture of the Day NASA
National Geographic Photo of the Day

*Advertising Questionnaire to use with Healthy Body Image lesson plan
Healthy Body Image: A Lesson Plan for High School Students
Advertising Questionnaire.jpg